About us


The founder of ACE Carwash Systems, Mark de Graaf, took a part-time job as a car washer to earn some extra money while studying at TU Delft. At this time, the control of the car wash was still completely mechanical. Because of the many malfunctions in the mechanical parts, it was not surprising that the call for a better car wash control arose.

The owner of Carwash WAS B.V., asked Mark if he could control some lights at the back of the car wash. Mark developed a small software program for this purpose and realized that controlling a few car wash components was not that different from controlling all of them. The operating system 'Control' for the car wash and a cash book software program linked to it were developed.
After completing his studies, Mark de Graaf was, as he himself describes it, " gripped by the car wash virus" and decided to apply his acquired knowledge with the establishment of his first company, entirely focused on the car wash market.

In 1995, contact was made with a German machine manufacturer, Holz, because there was a rumor that they were developing an innovation: the textile car wash. Already during the first visit, the textile roof roller was ordered blind twice. Upon returning home, some loose side brushes imported from America were sent to Holz with the request to attach them. The legendary Dakwals/rundumwascher and a very intensive cooperation with the Holz brothers was born.

Since then, ACE has built more than 170 large car washes and our company has developed from a machine builder to a supplier of a total concept. We are the market leader in the field of car wash concepts in the Netherlands, exclusive supplier of the Holz and PECO brands and regularly introduce innovations to the market. Our team now consists of 23 enthusiastic employees.